.010   Indigent individuals or organizations may apply for a waiver of any or all of the City's fees and costs, in whole or part, otherwise required by this chapter.
   .020   An application for any such waiver shall be made in writing to the Chief of Police, at or prior to the time said fee, deposit or cost amount is due.
   .030   Said application for waiver must show in writing, under penalty of perjury, that the parade permit applicant is indigent and, if the indigent is an individual, that such individual is either:
   .0301   A welfare recipient; or
   .0302   His or her family income is less than 125% of the poverty line income established under federal law, based on the number of dependents in the family; or
   .0303   His or her family income is otherwise insufficient to pay both for necessaries of life and the City's fees and costs (or the portion thereof for which the waiver is requested).
   .040   The Chief of Police shall act upon such waiver request and provide written notice of the decision within three days following the receipt of such waiver request. (Ord. 5919 § 17 (part); June 8, 2004.)