Chapter 7.34 BINGO GAMES
   7.34.010   Bingo games­License required.
   7.34.020   Organizations eligible for City license to conduct bingo games.
   7.34.030   Application for license.
   7.34.040   Applicant must be qualified.
   7.34.050   License fee.
   7.34.060   Contents of application.
   7.34.065   Bingo manager.
   7.34.070   Investigation of applicant.
   7.34.080   Contents of license.
   7.34.090   Summary suspension of license pending opportunity for hearing­Misdemeanor to continue after suspension—Revocation.
   7.34.100   Revocation of license—Alternative procedure.
   7.34.110   Appeal of revocation to City Council.
   7.34.120   Definition of "bingo."
   7.34.130   Maximum amount of prize.
   7.34.135   Award of prizes.
   7.34.140   False or misleading advertising.
   7.34.150   Profits to be kept in separate fund or account.
   7.34.155   Disbursement of funds.
   7.34.160   Financial interest in licensee only.
   7.34.165   Monthly report of receipts and expenditures.
   7.34.170   Inspection of records.
   7.34.180   Exclusive operation by licensee.
   7.34.185   Staff member identification.
   7.34.190   Bingo games open to public.
   7.34.200   Attendance limited to occupancy capacity.
   7.34.210   Bingo games conducted only on licensee's property.
   7.34.220   Minors not to participate.
   7.34.230   Intoxicated persons not to participate.
   7.34.240   Days and hours of operation.
   7.34.250   Participant must be present.
   7.34.260   Receipt of profit by a person—A misdemeanor under state law.
   7.34.270   City may enjoin violation.
   7.34.280   Regulation of games and equipment.
   7.34.300   Exemptions for certain games conducted by senior citizens organizations.