Chapter 7.24 HANDBILLS
   7.24.010   "Handbill" defined.
   7.24.020   Throwing handbills on public property prohibited—Exception—Handing to willing recipients.
   7.24.030   (Repealed by 6177, 8/24/10)
   7.24.040   Distribution of handbills to guest rooms within hotels or motels prohibited.
   7.24.050   Distribution of handbills to owner or occupant of private residence who has expressed objection to such distribution prohibited.
   7.24.060   Distributing handbills at Angel Stadium of Anaheim, Anaheim Convention Center and The Honda Center.
   7.24.070   Exemptions from chapter and manner of delivering handbill to private property.
   7.24.080   Violation and penalty.