Sound produced in excess of the sound pressure levels permitted herein are hereby determined to be objectionable and constitute an infringement upon the right and quiet enjoyment ofproperty in this City.
   No person shall within the City create any sound radiated for extended periods from any premises which produces asound pressure level at any point on the property line in excess of sixty decibels (Re 0.0002 Microbar) read on the A-scale of a sound level meter. Readings shall be taken in accordance with the instrument manufacturer’s instructions, using the slowest meter response.
   The sound level measuring microphone shall be placed at any point on the property line, but not closer than three (3) feet from any wall and not less than three (3) feet above the ground, where the above listed maximum sound pressure level shall apply.  At any point the measured level shall be the average of not less than three (3) readings taken at two (2) minute intervals.  To have valid readings, the levels must be five (5) decibels or more above the levels prevailing at the same point when the source’s ofthe alleged objectionable sound are not operating.
   Sound pressure levels shall be measured with a sound level meter manufactured according to American Standard S1.4-1961 published by the American Standards Association, Inc., New York City, New York.
   Traffic sounds sound created by emergencyactivities and sound created by governmental units or their contractors shall be exempt from the applications of this chapter.  Sound created by construction or building repair of any premises within the City shall be exempt from the applications of this chapter during the hours of 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.  Additional work hours may be permitted if deemed necessary by the Director of Public Works or Building Official.  (Ord. 2526 § 1 (part); June 18, 1968; Ord. 3400 § 1; February 11, 1975:  Ord. 6020 § 1; April 25, 2006.)