6.64.060 HEARING.
   The hearing shall be held by the Health Officer or his or her duly authorized representative who is a qualified Environmental Health Specialist as defined in Section 517 of the Health and Safety Code and registered as provided in Section 529 thereof, but shall not be the inspector who reported the violations or who inspected any corrective measure taken.
   (a)   The permit holder shall have the right to a hearing on all violations listed in the notice. A written request for a hearing shall be made by the permittee within fifteen calendar days after receipt of the notice. A failure to request a hearing within fifteen calendar days after receipt of the notice shall be deemed a waiver of the right to a hearing. When circumstances warrant, the hearing officer may order a hearing at any reasonable time within this fifteen-day period to expedite the permit suspension or revocation process.
   The hearing shall be held within fifteen calendar days of the receipt of a request for a hearing. Upon written request of the permittee, the hearing officer may postpone any hearing date, if circumstances warrant such action.
   (b)   At the conclusion of the hearing, the hearing officer shall issue a written notice of decision to the permittee within five working days following the hearing. In the event of a suspension or revocation, the notice shall specify the acts or omissions with which the permittee is charged, and shall state the terms of the suspension, or that the permit has been revoked.
   The Health Officer may, after providing opportunity for a hearing, modify, suspend or revoke a permit for serious or repeated violations of any of the requirements of the applicable laws or rules and regulations. (Ord. 5353 § 1 (part); February 2, 1993.)