In addition to any other persons authorized by law, the Fire Chief, all Chief Officers, Fire Captains, members of the Fire Prevention Bureau, and arson investigators shall be authorized to enforce the provisions of this chapter. In connection with such enforcement, they are authorized to enter, free of charge, at any reasonable time, any place of business, or to approach any person apparently conducting or employed in the operation of a business, to verify compliance with the provisions of this chapter and with the California Fire Code, as adopted pursuant to Chapter 16.08 of this Code, and any other Anaheim Municipal Code provisions related to fireworks enforcement. Such persons are hereby authorized to issue citations to persons violating any of the provisions of this chapter to appear in the Court of the North Orange County Judicial District at a time fixed in the citation, not less than five days from the date of issuance of the citation unless a shorter period of time is requested by the person(s) to whom the citation is given, and such citation shall be deemed to be a complaint charging violations of this Chapter. (Ord. 5853 § 1(part); March 25, 2003.)