Notwithstanding any other provisions of this Code, the Fire Chief of the City of Anaheim may grant permits for public displays of exempt fireworks, safe and sane fireworks, special effects, or use of any open flame device(s), if the Fire Chief determines that all requirements of the law are or will be complied with by the applicant and that granting any such permit will not be detrimental to the public peace, health or safety; otherwise said application shall be denied. Applications for such permits shall be filed with the Fire Chief not less than ten days before the proposed public display, and shall be accompanied by a detailed statement of the items of the proposed display. If the permit is granted, no items shall be displayed except as are contained in the statement. In granting the permit, the Fire Chief may eliminate from the statement such items as he or she deems hazardous, or impose conditions upon such permit as the Fire Chief shall deem reasonably necessary to protect the public peace, health and safety. It shall be unlawful for the grantee of the permit to exhibit or display the eliminated items or to conduct such display in violation of any conditions so imposed. The public display shall be under the supervision of the Fire Chief and such persons as he or she shall designate and authorize. Pursuant to the Fire Chief's recommendation, the City Council shall, by resolution, establish a fee to be charged for the permit. A separate permit will be required for each display. The display shall be at the place and time designated in the permit. Such permit shall include the right to possess and transport said fireworks or open flame device(s) for the purpose of conducting such public display. (Ord. 5853 § 1(part); March 25, 2003.)