A.   It is unlawful for any person to possess, store, sell, offer or make available for sale, or discharge any and all fireworks, including safe and sane fireworks, within the City limits, unless specifically allowed in this chapter.
   B.   The sale, possession and discharge of "safe and sane fireworks" for private display shall be permitted within the City in accordance with this chapter and with such other rules and regulations as the City Council may by resolution deem necessary and advisable from time to time to effectuate the purposes of the regulations and limitations set forth in this chapter.
   C.   No person shall manufacture, possess, sell, offer for sale, store, display, dispose of, give away, stock, or discharge any dangerous fireworks within the City of Anaheim without a permit issued by the Fire Chief. (Ord. 4779 (part); November 18, 1986:  Ord. 6323 § 2; May 5, 2015: Ord. 6407 § 1 (part); April 25, 2017.)