It shall be unlawful for any person or persons to fire or discharge any pistol, gun or other description of firearms or fireworks of any kind in the City of Anaheim; provided, that nothing herein contained shall prohibit:
   (1)   Any peace officer from the necessary use of such firearms in the discharge of his official duties; or
   (2)   Any farmer from the necessary use of a specially adapted starter pistol which propels a cardboard cartridge conditioned upon all the following:
   (a)   The use of such device is restricted to the act of repelling birds from damaging crops; and
   (b)   Such use is restricted to a distance of one hundred yards measured from the point of firing from any public street, school, or residential area; and
   (c)   All persons using such bird-repelling devices in the City of Anaheim must register them with the Anaheim Police Department and receive a permit which shall identify the device and describe the location for such use; and
   (d)   A person using such devices must have a valid permit issued by the Anaheim Police Department in his possession at the time of such use. (Ord. 94 § 4; September 26, 1893: Ord. 3847 § 1; April 25, 1978.)