.010   Except as hereinafter provided, it is unlawful for any person to smoke or use electronic cigarettes in any place or area within Anaheim Stadium, including, but not limited to, any event seating, aisle areas, all areas located inside the gates/turnstiles, and within twenty five (25) feet of the entrance to all gates/turnstiles used for patron ingress and egress, ticket windows, will-call windows, ticket office and the entryway to the team store.
   .020   Notwithstanding subsection .010 above, nothing contained in this section shall be deemed to prohibit smoking or the use of electronic cigarettes upon or within rampways within Anaheim Stadium that are clearly designated with written signage as a smoking area or an area for the use of electronic cigarettes. For purposes of this section, “rampways” means the pedestrian accessways which connect and provide patron access from one level of Anaheim Stadium to another.
   .030   The term “Anaheim Stadium”, as used in this chapter, shall mean the stadium generally located at 2000 Gene Autry Way, Anaheim, California, currently known and referred to as Angel Stadium of Anaheim, regardless of whether such stadium continues to be known by such commercial name or by any other commercial or non-commercial name.  (Ord. 4678 § 1 (part); March 18, 1986: Ord. 5357 § 2;* March 2, 1993: Ord. 5812 § 6; June 11, 2002: Ord. 6312 § 5; November 25, 2014.)
*   Editor's note: Ord. 5357 contained two sections designated as Section 2. The other is codified at Section 6.30.055.