No owner or person managing or having control, charge, occupancy or possession of any lot or private premises shall:
   .010   Allow noxious growth or growths otherwise dangerous to the life, health, comfort or convenience of the community to grow or remain upon such lot or private premises;
   .020   Sow or disseminate, or allow or permit to mature, any noxious growth upon such lot or private premises;
   .030   Suffer or permit any noxious growth to grow or exist in excess of six inches above the grade in the area of growth;
   .040   Allow or place refuse, rubbish, or rubble, etc. on any lot or private premises or in such quantity as to be unsightly, unhealthful, or so as to interfere with the abatement of noxious growth under this chapter.
   It is the duty of every such owner or person to prevent such growth or existence. To establish a prima facie violation of this section, it shall not be necessary to establish any facts except that the accused person owned, managed or had charge, control or occupancy of a lot or private premises whereon such condition existed or occurred. (Ord. 6430 § 1 (part); March 6, 2018.)