6.16.010   DEFINITIONS.
   For the purpose of this chapter, the following terms, phrases, words and their derivations shall have the meaning given herein, unless the context indicates that a different meaning is intended:
   .010   “Abatement order” means an order issued by a Hearing Officer pursuant to Section 6.16.030 or Section 6.16.080 of this Chapter.
   .020   “Designated officer” means appointed by the City Manager.
   .030   “Lot” means any lot, parcel, tract or piece of land, improved or unimproved, including the sidewalk area abutting or adjoining the lot, parcel, tract or piece of land; and the parkways, or areas lying between the curbline and the street line of the adjoining or abutting lot, bounded on the sides by the prolongations in straight lines of the side lines of the lot in front of which such parkway or area exists.
   .040   “Private premises” means:
   .0401   Any dwelling, house, building or other structure, designed or used either wholly or in part for private residential purposes, whether inhabited or temporarily or continuously uninhabited or vacant, and shall include any yard, grounds, walk, driveway, porch, steps or vestibule belonging or appurtenant to such dwelling, house, building or other structure;
   .0402   Business establishments, commercial, industrial or manufacturing buildings, lots, yards, grounds, walks, driveway, porch, steps belonging or appurtenant to such establishment or adjacent thereto.
   .050   “Public place” means any and all streets, sidewalks, boulevards, alleys or other public ways and any and all parks, public squares, spaces, grounds and buildings.
   .060   “Brush” means branches of trees sheared therefrom, a thicket of shrubs or bushes.
   .070   “Noxious growth” means weeds, vines, grasses or brush which bear seeds of a wingy or downy nature, or which attain a high growth as to become a fire menace when dry, or which contain poisonous oils that become dangerous to the life and health of the community.
   .080   “Refuse” includes rubbish, garbage, rubble or any refuses, rejected or discarded matter or property.
   .090   “Street line” means the boundary line between a public street right-of-way and an abutting lot, or between a private street open to public use and an abutting lot. (Ord. 6430 § 1 (part); March 6, 2018.)