.010   Secondhand Dealer. A “secondhand dealer,” as used in this chapter, means and includes any person, partnership, firm or corporation who engages in the business of buying, selling, trading, accepting for sale on consignment, accepting for auctioning, or auctioning secondhand personal property. The provisions of this chapter shall have no application to the business of selling used or secondhand vehicles or the business of selling used or secondhand clothing or other wearing apparel.
   .020   Pawnbroker. A “pawnbroker” is a person engaged in conducting, managing or carrying on the business of loaning money, for himself or for any other person, upon personal property, personal security, pawns or pledges, or the business of purchasing articles of personal property and reselling or agreeing to resell such articles to the vendors or their assignees, at prices agreed upon at or before the time of such purchase. (Ord. 2006 § 1 (part); June 16, 1964: Ord. 5810 § 38; April 23, 2002.)