.010   City. As used in this chapter, "City" means the City of Anaheim, California, a municipal corporation and charter city organized and operating pursuant to the laws of the State of California and its Charter.
   .020   Charter. As used in this chapter, "Charter" means the Charter of the City of Anaheim, adopted by the electors of the City at the Special Municipal Election held on June 2, 1964, approved by the California State Legislature January 14, 1965, as amended.
   .030   Bonds. As used in this chapter, "bonds" means the aggregate principal amount of all bonds authorized by a proposal approved by the City electors pursuant to the Charter.
   .040   Municipal Improvement. As used in this chapter, "municipal improvement" includes buildings, building improvements, electrical, water, sewer, road and other public improvements, lands, and any other real property for the benefit of residents of the City and surrounding areas necessary or convenient to carry out the objects, purposes and powers of the City. (Ord. 4741 § 1 (part); July 29, 1986.)