.010   A filing fee of twenty-five dollars is hereby established for candidates' nomination papers for elective offices at municipal elections held in the City of Anaheim.
   .020   The filing fee shall be paid to the City Clerk by each candidate for an elective office at the time the candidate's nomination paper is filed with the City Clerk.
   .030   The City Clerk shall pay to the City Treasurer all fees received which shall be deposited in the General Fund.
   .040   Notwithstanding subsection .010 above, a candidate may submit to the City Clerk a petition containing four signatures of registered voters for each dollar of the filing fee, or any portion thereof, in lieu of the fee otherwise required pursuant to this section.
   .050   The City Clerk shall furnish to each candidate, upon request, and without charge therefor, forms for securing signatures pursuant to this section. Such forms shall be made available commencing forty-five days before the first day for circulating nomination papers. No other form except the form furnished by the City Clerk shall be used to secure signatures. The substitution of signatures for fees shall be subject to the following provisions:
   .051   A voter may sign both a candidate's nomination papers and his or her in-lieu-of-filing-fee petition.
   .052   Any registered voter may sign an in-lieu-of-filing-fee petition for any candidate for whom he is eligible to vote.
   .053   If a voter signs more candidates' petitions than there are offices to be filled, the voter's signatures shall be valid only on those petitions which, taken in the order they were filed, do not exceed the number of offices to be filled.
   .054   In-lieu-of-filing-fee petitions shall be filed at least fifteen days prior to the close of the nomination period. Upon receipt of the minimum number of in-lieu-of-filing-fee signatures required, or a sufficient combination of such signatures and pro rata filing fee, the clerk shall issue nomination papers provisionally. Within ten days after receipt of a petition, the clerk shall notify the candidate of any deficiency. The candidate shall then, prior to the close of the nomination period, either submit a supplemental petition, or pay a pro rata portion of the filing fee, to cover the deficiency.
   .055   Each candidate may submit a greater number of signatures to allow for subsequent losses due to invalidity of some signatures. The clerk shall not be required to determine the validity of a greater number of signatures than that required by this section. (Ord. 3232 § 1; November 20, 1973: Ord. 4117 § 1; April 15, 1980.)