In determining whether to grant, conditionally grant, or deny a franchise for a service currently provided in the City by either the City or by private or other public entities, the City Council shall consider and weigh, among other things, the following factors:
   .010   The adequacy of existing service within the City;
   .020   The likely effect of the proposed franchise on the existing providers in the City in terms of deterioration of customer base and ability to adequately provide safe, reliable, economic service to their remaining customers;
   .030   The term and proposed service territory of the requested franchise;
   .040   The ability of the applicant to provide economic, reliable service to its proposed customers;
   .050   The ability of the applicant to provide service under the requested franchise without duplicating existing distribution or transmission lines or other facilities within the City or otherwise unduly interfering with existing facilities located in or under public streets or otherwise using the public streets or rights-of-way;
   .060   The effect of the proposed ordinance on the financial obligations of the existing service providers and the effect on such providers' ability to obtain future financing (e.g., effect on bond ratings);
   .070   The short and long term benefits of the proposed franchise to the customers to be served by the applicant; and
   .080   Any other factors affecting the health, welfare, or safety of the City and its residents. (Ord. 5364 § 1; April 17, 1993.)