Upon receipt of such an application, the City Clerk shall refer said application to the City Manager. The City Manager, or the designee thereof, shall perform the following tasks in relation to said application:
   (a)   The City Manager shall make a determination of the projected cost to the City of processing said application including, but not limited to, all engineering, legal, printing, publication, and staff costs which will be incurred by the City in processing said application.
   (b)   The City Manager shall review said application and determine what additional information, if any, is required by the City to process, review and act upon said application.
   (c)   The City Manager shall make a written request to the applicant for such additional information as the City Manager has determined to be necessary pursuant to subsection (b) above. (The "Request for Information" or RFI).
   (d)   The City Manager shall, in the exercise of his discretion, either refer said application, the completed response to the RFI, and any other information which the City Manager determines to be necessary to the City staff or to an outside consultant for the purposes of evaluation and preparation of a report and resolution of intention to grant a franchise to be presented to the City Council concerning the application. (Ord. 5213 § 1 (part); April 16, 1991.)