There shall be a Library Board consisting of five members which shall have the power and duty to:
   (a)   Make recommendations to the City Council for the operation and conduct of City libraries.
   (b)   Recommend to the City Council rules and regulations and by-laws for the administration and protection of City libraries.
   (c)   Recommend to the City Council the duties and qualifications of the librarian and other officers and employees of the libraries.
   (d)   Make recommendations concerning the acquisition of library materials.
   (e)   Make recommendations concerning the purchase or lease of real property and the rental or provision for adequate buildings or rooms for library purposes.
   (f)   Make recommendations concerning the borrowing of library materials from and lending library materials to and exchanging library materials with other libraries subject to any costs and expenses approved by the City Council.
   (g)   Consider the annual budget for library purposes during the process of its preparation and make recommendations with respect thereto to the City Council and the City Manager.
   (h)   Within sixty days after the close of each fiscal year, report to the City Council on the condition of the libraries for the preceding fiscal year and on such other matters deemed expedient by the Library Board.
   (i)   Stimulate community interest in library activities. Encourage individual and citizen groups to donate funds, property and services for the development and operation of library facilities and programs.
   (j)   Exercise such other functions not inconsistent with this Charter as may be prescribed by ordinance. (Amended June 3, 2014, filed by Secretary of State September 3, 2014.)