(A)   The Contractor will be required only to accept refuse in watertight and water-proof plastic bags with the top secured with a suitable tie.  The plastic bags may be put in a metal or plastic garbage can to prevent sacks being torn open by animals; however, garbage cans containing refuse not put into plastic bags will not be emptied.
   (B)   The garbage bags or containers shall be kept at ground level and shall be placed by the resident adjacent to the traveled street or alley, no more than 6 feet from the curb or edge of the traveled street or alley.
   (C)   Owners and occupants of residential property shall keep their premises free from undue accumulations of snow so as not to interfere with collection of either refuse or recycling.  Wherever the undue accumulations exit, collection will not be made.
(Ord. 114, passed 5-3-1999)