(A)   There is hereby established within the City of Amboy a compulsory residential list which shall include every residential dwelling wherein there would normally accumulate wastes, as defined herein, in the operation of a household.  No person shall dispose of wastes, as herein defined, other than through a licensed collector.  Those dwellings on the compulsory residential list shall use the city designated licensed collector for weekly pickup of wastes.  Each household unit in a multiple residence shall be considered a separate residential unit for billing purposes with the exception of all multiple dwellings of four or more which shall be considered a commercial unit for billing purposes.  Those residences occupied as rental property will have the monthly unit collection fee billed to the owner of the property unless the owner signs a form stating that the owner prefers having the fee billed to the renters of the property.  All owners will be responsible for full payment of the monthly fee at the rental unit, whether or not the owner pays the fee.  When any charge remains unpaid on any bill after the due date stated on the bill, a late charge as determined from time to time by the Council of the City of Amboy shall be added to the amount due.  Any charges unpaid at any residential unit are subject to being made a lien upon the property.
   (B)   All persons considered residential users of the garbage and refuse collection system within the city shall be charged a monthly collection fee per residential unit for the collection, transportation, and disposal of waste as part of the municipal utility billing.  The unit collection fees to residential users will be based on the price charged to the city by the Contractor.  These fees will be adopted in resolution form by the City Council and will be in effect upon publication of the resolution.  Fees as provided herein shall be billed and collected by the City of Amboy as part of the municipal utility billings.  Any changes in fees charged to the city by the Contractor for residential service will be mutually agreed upon by the Contractor and city and adopted by an Amendment to the Garbage and Rubbish Collection Contract.  Unit service charges to residential users will be based on a maximum collection quantity of two 30-gallon bags per week or their equivalent in smaller bags.  The maximum total weight per bag should not exceed 25 pounds and the maximum total weight to be picked up each week per residence will be 50 pounds.  Any unit desiring additional service over and above this maximum weight limit of 50 pounds shall be required to purchase a garbage tag to be placed on each additional bag set out for collection.  Garbage tags will be available at City Hall and may also be available at other locations within the city.  Residential users will not be allowed to use dumpsters except in cases of demolition, construction, or reconstruction of housing units or when a housing unit is sold and the current owners need to clean out the unit before the new owners take possession.
   (C)   All persons considered residential users of the garbage and refuse collection system as stated above shall also be considered as participants in curbside recycling programs within the city.  Those residents shall be charged a recycling fee which shall be billed and collected by the City of Amboy as a part of municipal utility billings.  The provisions stated in division (A) above regarding the method of charging for garbage service shall also apply to recycling charges.
   (D)   Those residents who are absent from their homes for at least 30 days must notify the city of their absence in order to be eligible for an exemption from these monthly service fees.
(Ord. 114, passed 5-3-1999)