For the purpose of this chapter, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   CITY.  The City of Amboy.
   COMPULSORY DISPOSAL LIST.  The list of persons within the City of Amboy who by the provisions of this chapter, are required to pay a monthly unit collection fee for the collection, transportation, and disposal of waste and recycling.
   CONTRACTOR.  Any person, firm, or corporation with whom the city shall contract for the collection, transportation, and disposal of waste and/or recycling.
   HOUSEHOLD HAZARDOUS WASTE.  Those waste chemicals and compounds which would be considered hazardous substances under state law and are generated by residential dwelling units.
   MULTIPLE RESIDENCE.  Single structures containing 2 or more household units.
   MUNICIPAL WASTES.  Liquid or semi-liquid residue from municipal sewage disposal facilities.
   PERSON.  Any natural person, corporation, firm, or association.
   RECYCLING.  The practice of separating certain types of plastic, glass, aluminum, steel and tin, newspaper, mixed mail, boxboard and cardboard, and other similar types of material designated as such by Blue Earth County Environmental Services from the waste stream and sending them to a recycling facility to be processed so that they may be reused.
   RESIDENTIAL UNIT.  All houses, duplexes, apartments, and other living quarters.
   UNIT COLLECTION FEE.  The monthly charge made to owners and occupants of residential property.
   WASTE or WASTES.  Refuse, garbage, and rubbish that accumulate in the ordinary operation of a household or commercial or industrial establishment.  Yard waste and municipal wastes are not included under this definition and can not be disposed of in the same manner as refuse, garbage, and rubbish.
   YARD WASTE.  Garden wastes, leaves, lawn clippings, weeds, shrub and tree waste, prunings, and other similar debris generated while maintaining property.
(Ord. 114, passed 5-3-1999)