Pursuant to the home rule authority granted through article VII, section 6 of the Illinois constitution and in accordance with state law 1 this zoning ordinance regulates lots, structures and uses in order to preserve, protect and promote the public health, safety and welfare; and to implement the city's comprehensive plan adopted in 2003, as amended. More specifically, this zoning ordinance is intended to assist in achieving the following objectives:
   A.   To ensure the provision of adequate light, pure air, and safety from fire and other dangers;
   B.   To conserve the taxable value of land and buildings throughout the city;
   C.   To encourage the development of buildings and uses on appropriate sites in order to maximize community wide social and economic benefits while accommodating the particular needs of all residents, and to discourage development on inappropriate sites;
   D.   To protect and enhance the character and stability of sound existing residential, commercial, and industrial areas, and to gradually eliminate nonconforming uses and structures;
   E.   To provide adequate and well designed parking and loading space for all buildings and uses, and to reduce vehicular congestion on the public streets and highways;
   F.   To promote the health, safety, comfort, morals and general welfare of the public;
   G.   To ensure and facilitate the preservation of sites, areas, and structures of historical, architectural and aesthetic importance;
   H.   To ensure the proper regulation of manufactured home parks to protect the health and safety of residents;
   I.   To authorize and regulate the design of planned developments; and
   J.   To provide for the efficient administration and fair enforcement of all the regulations in this zoning ordinance. (Ord. 6734, 6-11-2003)



1. 65 ILCS 5/11-13-1 et seq.