A.   Accessibility For Handicapped And Elderly: All accessibility of buildings for handicapped and elderly persons are subject to all changes and amendments of the Illinois accessibility code 1 . (Ord. 5483, 10-10-1990)
   B.   Enforcement:
      1.   Compliance: It shall be a condition precedent to the acquisition of a building permit in the city for all applicable facilities to comply with all sundry provisions of this section in planning construction of new buildings or structures or in partial improvement of existing buildings and structures.
      2.   Building Inspection Duties: It shall be the duty of the building inspector of the city to inspect all buildings and structures to which this section is applicable and seek enforcement of the terms and provisions of this section.
      3.   Conflict: The provisions of this section shall take preference when they are in conflict with existing building ordinances.
      4.   Violations And Penalties: Any person who violates any of the provisions of this section shall pay a fine as provided in section 1-4-1 of this code for each offense, and each day upon which such a violation occurs or continues shall constitute a separate offense. (Ord. 4024, 9-24-1975; amd. Ord. 4315, 5-24-1978; 1999 Code)



1. 410 ILCS 25/3 et seq.