It shall be unlawful for any person or corporation to operate or cause to be operated any garbage truck along or upon the streets of the city unless the truck is equipped with a sanitary type body designed especially for the collection and transportation of such waste commonly referred to as garbage. Said sanitary body shall be of a type sold commercially or shall be a converted body which is so constructed that the cargo can be entirely covered, and that all sections of the body; namely, the bottoms and sides, shall be watertight and be maintained in a sanitary condition. All closures shall be in a closed position when the vehicle is moving, excepting, however, during actual house to house operations.
Notwithstanding the provisions contained in the above paragraph, this section shall apply only to vehicles owned and operated by a municipal corporation and to private refuse haulers engaged in the business of collecting and transporting garbage for a profit. (Ord. 3462, 12-28-1967)