A.   The storing of junk, trash and refuse on private property within the city, where such storage is not authorized under the terms of the zoning title of this code, and in any manner not permitted by said zoning title, is hereby declared a nuisance. (Ord. 3335, 2-11-1966)
   B.   Junk, trash and refuse are defined herein to include any and all waste matter, whether reusable or not, which is offensive to the public health, safety or to the aesthetics of the neighborhood, and is specifically intended to include, but not be limited to, worn out, wrecked and/or abandoned automobiles, trucks, tractors, machinery of any kind, and parts thereof, old iceboxes, refrigerators, stoves, and the outside storage of tires. Businesses engaged in the sale, service, or recycling of tires may store up to fifty (50) tires outside. Additionally, and not by way of limitation, junk, trash, and refuse is further defined to include any materials which may be used or intended to be used in building improvements, landscaping or construction projects of any kind if those materials are stored in an area open to public view. (Ord. 6148, 4-9-1997)