A.   It shall be unlawful for any person or beneficial owner to engage in the business of renting or leasing one or more residential dwelling units in the City of Alton without a current Class B Regulatory Certificate (also referred to herein as "license") as defined in chapter 1 of this title. The requirements of this chapter shall not be applicable to any governmental housing authorities or departments, boarding houses, hotels or nursing homes. The provisions of subsection 4-1-3B of this title shall not apply to Regulatory Certificates or registrations required by this chapter.
   B.   No license shall be issued/renewed if the applicant or any beneficial owner of an entity which is the landlord:
      1.   Is delinquent in the payment of any fees, service charges, taxes, or fines due the City of Alton;
      2.   Is found to have violated any requirements of the Building or Housing Codes of the City of Alton;
      3.   Has failed to disclose a rental dwelling unit within the City of Alton;
      4.   Has not attended and successfully completed a seminar conducted by the Alton Department of Housing and Code Enforcement, regarding residential property rental, no more than three (3) months after the issuance or renewal of the business license;
   C.   Every agreement for lease of residential real estate located within the City of Alton, executed or renewed after December 31, 2018, whether oral or written, shall include, or be deemed to include, all terms listed of the Crime Free Lease Addendum, which is on file in the City, as exhibit A. (Ord. 7674, 12-19-2018, eff. 1-1-2019)