The following definitions shall apply in the interpretation and enforcement of this chapter:
BENEFICIAL OWNER: A beneficial owner as used in this chapter shall refer to any person holding any interest whether as an owner, beneficiary, partner or stockholder in an entity which owns real estate where any portion of the real estate is rented or leased for use as a residential dwelling unit. A person holding less than a ten percent (10%) interest in any such entity shall not be defined as a beneficial owner for the purposes of this chapter.
BOARDING HOUSE: A rooming house.
COMPLIANCE OFFICE OR COMPLIANCE OFFICER: The Department of Building and Zoning or the Superintendent of Building and Zoning, respectively, or such office or officer as may be designated by the Mayor hereafter.
DWELLING: Any building or portion thereof which is designed for and used for residential purposes.
DWELLING UNIT: Shall mean a residential dwelling unit.
HOTEL: Any building containing guestrooms designed to be rented out to be occupied for sleeping purposes by guests, but not including any hotel regulated under chapter 6, article D of this title.
LANDLORD: A person who rents or leases or offers to rent or lease a dwelling unit or multiple dwelling units within the City of Alton at any time.
LANDLORD MANAGER: A human being who is designated by the landlord as the contact individual for all purposes of communication with the City of Alton. The landlord must provide the name of the individual and all contact information for the individual as the same may change from time to time so long as landlord is authorized to do business in the City of Alton.
LESSEE: A person who rents or leases a dwelling unit for his/her personal use or the personal use of his/her family. A Contract for Deed purchaser shall be considered a lessee until and unless the Contract for Deed is recorded in its entirety at the Madison County Recorder of Deeds Office, and the Contract for Deed purchaser lives in the dwelling unit.
LODGING HOUSE: A rooming house.
MANAGING AGENT OR MANAGER: A person other than an owner designated by an owner to be an operator as defined herein.
MOTEL: A hotel.
MULTIPLE-FAMILY DWELLING: A building designed to be occupied by three (3) or more family units.
ONE-FAMILY DWELLING: A building designed for occupancy by one family unit and occupied exclusively by one family unit.
OPERATOR: Any person who has charge, care or control of a building, or part thereof, in which one or more dwelling units are let, rented or leased.
OWNER: Any person who alone or jointly or severally with others has legal title or any beneficial interest in any dwelling or dwelling unit, with or without actual possession thereof.
PERSON: Person or persons as used in this chapter shall refer to any legal entity whether a natural person, corporation, limited liability partnership, partnership, trust, or other legal entity authorized to do business in the State of Illinois and authorized to own an interest in real estate in the State of Illinois.
REGULATORY CERTIFICATE: Shall be defined as in this title and shall for purposes of this chapter be considered synonymous with the term "license".
RESIDENTIAL DWELLING UNIT: Shall be defined for purposes of this chapter as the term "dwelling unit" is defined in section 9-2-1 of this Code, as amended from time to time.
ROOMING HOUSE: Means a building other than a hotel where lodging and prepared meals are provided for income or profit for definite periods pursuant to previous agreement.
ROOMING UNITS: A dwelling unit designed for sleeping or living purposes but not for cooking purposes.
SINGLE-FAMILY DWELLING: A one-family dwelling.
TWO-FAMILY DWELLING: A building designed for occupancy by two (2) family units and occupied exclusively by two (2) family units. (Ord. 7674, 12-19-2018, eff. 1-1-2019)