4-1-6: FEES:
   A.   Collection: The yearly fee for a regulatory certificate shall be collected by the City Treasurer, with the application for a regulatory certificate. In no event shall any rebate or refund be made of any regulatory fee, or part thereof, said fee being appropriate to the costs incurred by the City in connection with the initial processing of an application, including appropriate inspections as may be required. (Ord. 7281, 10-12-2011)
   B.   Annual Fees: Yearly fees for regulatory certificates in the City shall be as follows:
Class A
$ 50.00
Class B
Class C
Class D
Class E
   (Ord. 7078, 5-28-2008)
   C.   Late Fee: A late fee of twenty five dollars ($25.00) shall be imposed on renewals received after December 31 of the year in which the renewal is due. (Ord. 5983, 6-28-1995)