This volume contains the Code of the City of Alma, Kansas, 2015.  As expressed in the adopting ordinance, the code supersedes all ordinances passed prior to December 15, 2015, which are not included herein or recognized as continuing in force by reference thereto.  The code was prepared by the staff of the League of Kansas Municipalities and Alma city officials under the authority of Sections 12-3014:3015 of the Kansas Statutes Annotated.
This code is arranged in chapters, articles, and sections in a manner similar to the Kansas Statutes Annotated arrangement.  Headnotes and footnotes are included; however, these do not constitute a part of the code and no implication or presumption of intent or construction is to be drawn therefrom.
Any section of this code may be amended or repealed by ordinary ordinance by reference to the code section number as follows:
"Section 1-105 of the Code of the City of Alma is hereby amended to read as follows:  (the new provisions shall then be set out in full)."
A new section not heretofore existing in the code may be added as follows:
"The Code of the City of Alma is hereby amended by adding a section (or article or chapter) which reads as follows: (the new provision shall be set out in full)."
All sections or articles or chapters to be repealed shall be repealed by specific reference as follows:
"Section 1-105 (or article or chapter) of the Code of the City of Alma is hereby repealed."
The user's attention is directed to the Governing Body Handbook, published by the League of Kansas Municipalities, both as a source of general information and as an index to the pertinent sections of the Kansas Statutes Annotated.
An index is included in this volume, and the user's attention is also directed to indexes which may appear in standard codes incorporated by reference in this Code.
Nicole Proulx Aiken
Deputy General Counsel