(A)   Every owner, keeper or proprietor of any hotel or motel in the city shall keep a register on forms approved by or supplied by the city wherein he shall require all guests to inscribe the names and home or business addresses of all persons to be accommodated, with the length of stay indicated.  At the time of registration, the operator or his or her employee shall verify the identification of the registrant by requesting to see, and copying onto the registration form any of the following: the registrant's valid driver's license, the registrant's valid military identification, the registrant's valid passport number and country of issuance, a valid credit card with photo identification issued in the registrant's name.  The register shall also show the time and date when the name was inscribed and the room occupied or to be occupied by the guest(s) in such public lodging facility.  The operator or his or her employee must also include on the registration form the daily rate charged and amount collected as and for rental of the room, the make, type and license number of the registrant's automobile, trailer or other vehicle, and the state in which such vehicle is registered and the year of registration, for any vehicle that is parked on the premises. The operator or his or her employee shall at the time of the departure of each guest, endorse upon such register the date of such departure. All such registers shall be maintained for a period of three years from and after the date of the last entry therein.
   (B)   No person shall erase or alter any name or address written in such register.
   (C)   Pre-arrival registration.  In the event that the hotel or motel utilizes a pre-arrival registration or approval procedure that obviates the requirement for an arriving guest to go to the front desk and provide information typically required as part of the hotel's or motel's customary registration process, the hotel or motel shall not be required to comply with division  (A) of this section; provided, however, that the hotel's pre-arrival registration or approval procedure must be submitted to and approved by the City Manager or his designee, and the facility must obtain such guest related information of the type specified in division (A) as the City Manager might reasonably require.
   (D)   Illegal registration; false names.   No person shall register at any hotel in the city, under the name of any other person, or by any assumed, false or fictitious name or sublet a room to another person.  No person placing any information required by this section shall falsely or inaccurately state such information.  It shall be a rebuttable presumption that any adult found inside a room who is not named on the hotel/motel registration has obtained lodging without the permission of the hotel owner or its agent in violation of Cal. Penal Code § 647(j).  It is likewise unlawful for any person who has registered at any rooming house, lodging house, hotel, inn or other place in the city to allow unregistered guests to occupy the guest room unless the registered guest notifies the hotel owner or its agent that the visitor will be occupying the room.
   (E)   Bank accounts.  The operator shall maintain in a banking institution one or more accounts ("accounts") which shall be used exclusively for the deposit of rentals and expenditures relating to the hotel or motel. All receipts related to rentals and expenditures from the hotel or motel shall be deposited in such accounts.  Bank statements, deposit slips, cancelled checks and other withdrawal forms shall be maintained on file by the hotel or motel operator and shall be made available upon request to the city Director of Finance, Police Department, district attorney's office or the City Attorney.
(‘86 Code, § 9.98.030) (Ord. 4040, passed  - - ; Am. Ord. 4458, passed 2-23-04)