(A)   Registration required.  It shall be unlawful for any convicted person to be or remain in the city for a period of more than five days, without, during such five-day period, registering with the Chief of Police in the manner hereinafter prescribed.
   (B)   Temporary residence.  Any convicted person who does not reside in the city, but who has a temporary or permanent place of abode outside the city and comes into the city on five or more occasions during any 30-day period, shall, on or before entering the city on such fifth occasion, register in the manner prescribed in division (D) hereof.
   (C)   Single registration.  Provided, that any person who has once registered with the Chief of Police as a convicted person, shall not be required to register again; provided further, however, that any person convicted of any of the crimes enumerated in § 9.68.010(C) or (D) of this code, shall register as provided in this section regardless of whether he has previously so registered as a convicted person by reason of his conviction of some crime other than those enumerated in § 9.68.010(C) or (D) of this code.
   (D)   Information required.  Every person required by this section to register shall do so by filing with the Chief of Police of the city, a statement in writing, signed by such person, upon a form prescribed and furnished by the Chief of Police, giving the following information:
      (1)   His true name and all aliases which he has used or under which he may have been known;
      (2)   A full and complete description of his person;
      (3)   The kind, character and nature of each crime of which he has been convicted;
      (4)   The place where each of such crimes was committed and the place or places of conviction;
      (5)   The name under which he was convicted in each instance and the date thereof;
      (6)   The name, if any, and the location of each prison, reformatory, jail or other penal institution in which he was confined or to which he was sentenced;
      (7)   The location and address of his residence, stopping place, living quarters or place of abode in the city; if more than one residence, stopping place, or place of abode, that fact must be stated and the location and address of each given;
      (8)   A statement of the kind of residence, stopping place or place of abode in which he resides whether the same is temporary or permanent, for example, whether the same is a private residence, hotel, apartment house or other building or structure;
      (9)   The length of time he has occupied each such place of residence, stopping place or place of abode; and the length of time he expects or intends to remain in the city;
      (10)   Such other and further information as may be required by the Chief of Police, for the purpose of aiding and assisting in carrying into effect the provisions and intent of divisions (A), (B) and (C) of this section.
('86 Code, § 9.68.020) (Ord. 2703, passed  - - )  Penalty, see § 9.68.070