(A)   Retrofit existing graffiti-attracting surfaces. Any surface of a structure on a parcel of land which has been defaced with graffiti after removal more than ten times in six months shall be required to be retrofitted at the cost of the property owner of the lot, with such features or qualities as may be established by the city as necessary to reduce the attractiveness of the surface for graffiti, or as necessary to permit more convenient or efficient removal thereof.
   (B)   In approving tentative or parcel maps, conditional use permits, variances, or other similar land use entitlement, the city shall require the developer to apply an anti-graffiti material, that is acceptable to the City Director of Public Works, to the surfaces of the improvements to be constructed on the site viewable to the public and deemed by the City Director of Public Works to be likely to attract graffiti.
('86 Code, § 9.57.140) (Ord. 4251, passed  - - )