(A)   Application for a parade permit shall be made in writing to the Director of Finance upon forms provided by him or her for that purpose.
   (B)   Such application shall contain the following information and documentation:
      (1)   The applicant's personal and, if appropriate, business name;
      (2)   Applicant's address or addresses and telephone number(s);
      (3)   Name and type of event;
      (4)   Sponsor's name and address;
      (5)   Date of event, including commencing and ending times;
      (6)   Map of parade route;
      (7)   Number of anticipated entries and number of estimated spectators;
      (8)   Such other information as the Director of Finance, Director of Public Safety or the Director of Public Services may require.
   (C)   Each application shall be accompanied by proof of liability insurance as required by § 9.40.030.
   (D)   Parade permit applications, together with required supporting documentation, shall be submitted to the Director of Finance no later than 60 days preceding the date of the planned event. The primary sponsor of the event shall be responsible for completing the parade permit application form and providing the necessary supporting documentation.
('86 Code, § 9.40.020) (Ord. 4038, passed  - - )