Any and all personnel who may be deployed by the city pursuant to this chapter shall be deemed to be on regular duty under the general supervision of the Police Chief or the Fire Chief and any officer in charge under their respective commands, and shall be entitled to any and all benefits provided by law or ordinance for such personnel as employees of the city. The pay for each employee thus employed during such employment shall be at his or her actual rate of pay with a four-hour minimum. The Police Chief, Fire Chief, or other department head, as the case may be, shall report to the Director of Finance the name of the person, firm, organization or corporation requiring such personnel, the names of the employees so employed and the number of hours of employment of each. The Director of Finance shall thereupon bill the person, firm or corporation employing such personnel for the amount paid to each plus the cost of worker's compensation charges and other administrative costs. Any failure of the person, firm or corporation billed for services of such personnel to make payment therefore shall constitute a debt due solely to the city. Any fees imposed pursuant to this chapter shall be in addition to any penalties which the courts may impose as a result of criminal charges.
('86 Code, § 9.20.060) (Ord. 4245, passed  - - )