In anticipation of the sale of bonds authorized by this title, the city is hereby authorized to issue bond anticipation notes, and to renew the same from time to time, in such series and amounts as are determined by the Council to be necessary or appropriate for the costs of facilities approved by the Council. Such notes shall be payable from revenues or other moneys or assets authorized by this title to be pledged to secure payment of bonds, and which are not otherwise pledged, or from the proceeds of sale of the particular bonds in anticipation of which they are issued. Such notes shall be issued in the same manner as bonds. The Mayor or City Manager shall deter-mine the terms and timing of the issuance of particular bond anticipation notes in accordance with the provisions of § 8.03.030 of this chapter and the resolution of the Council approving the particular facility to be financed thereby. Such notes, any resolution relating to the issuance of such notes and any indenture to be entered into by the city pursuant to such resolution may contain any provisions, condi-tions or limitations permitted under § 8.03.040 of this chapter.
('86 Code, § 8.03.100) (Ord. 3863, passed  - - )