If the Superintendent of Building determines at any time that the holder of a permit has not complied with the applicable provisions of this chapter, he may suspend and take possession of such permit. Notice of such suspension shall be given in writing to the holder of the permit.
   (A)   When a permit has been suspended, an application may be made for reinstatement. Such application shall include a signed statement declaring that the conditions for which the permit was suspended have been corrected. Upon receipt of such application, the Superintendent of Building shall arrange for investigation by the appropriate depart-ment(s), and, if all provisions of this chapter have been complied with, he shall reinstate the permit;
   (B)   The Superintendent of Building may revoke and take possession of the permit of any permittee who, after reinstatement of a permit following sus-pension, fails to continue to comply with applicable laws and regulations governing the operation. Notice of such revocation shall be given in writing by the Superintendent of Building.
('86 Code, § 6.36.170) (Ord. 3148, passed  - - )