§ 6.36.130  INVESTIGATION.
   Upon receipt of an application for an original or a renewal permit, together with the required fee, the Chief of Police, the Chief of the Fire Department, the Superintendent of Building, and the County Health Officer shall make as investigation. Each such Department shall submit a written report on the applicant to the Superintendent of Building. Such investigation shall be in accordance with generally accepted standards established by the respective city departments in their particular areas of responsibility.
   (A)   In addition, any and all persons 18 years of age and over who reside or are employed full or part time in any of the establishments regulated by this chapter, except those proposed to be cared for, shall be fingerprinted and a record thereof kept, together with all other records necessary for a complete investigation.
   (B)   In addition to the aforesaid regular annual inspection, the Departments of Police, Fire, Building and Health may make additional inspections at any time.
('86 Code, § 6.36.130) (Ord. 3148, passed  - - )