(A)   Whenever a code enforcement officer or other public official determines that City personnel may need to abate a public nuisance, he or she shall serve on on the responsible people a written “notice of public nuisance and intention to abate with City personnel” (hereafter in this section and in subsequent sections of this chapter, the “notice of abatement”) that contains the following provisions:
      (1)   The address of the real property on which the nuisance condition(s) exist(s).
      (2)   A description of the nuisance condition(s).
      (3)   A reference to the law describing or prohibiting the nuisance condition(s).
      (4)   A brief description of the required corrective action(s); and
      (5)   A compliance period in which to complete the nuisance abatement actions (with all required City approvals, permits and inspections, when applicable).
      (6)   The period and manner in which a responsible person may contest the notice of abatement as set forth in Municipal Code § 6.26.120. No such right shall exist when the City is not seeking to establish the right to abate a public nuisance with City personnel.
      (7)   A statement that the City may record a declaration of substandard property with the Los Angeles County recorder’s office against the premises if the public nuisance is not fully abated or corrected (with all required approvals, permits and inspections), as determined by the City, within the compliance period specified in the notice of abatement; provided, that a timely appeal therefrom has not been made.
   (B)   The procedure in subsection (A) of this section shall not apply to public nuisances constituting an imminent hazard. In such instances, the provisions in Municipal Code § 6.26.180, Emergency action to abate an imminent hazard, shall be followed.
   (C)   The City’s election to issue a notice of abatement pursuant to this section shall not excuse responsible persons from their continuing obligation to abate a public nuisance in accordance with all applicable laws, regulations and legal requirements. Furthermore, the issuance of a notice of abatement shall not obligate the City to abate a public nuisance.
(Ord. 4667, passed 2-9-15)