Upon the failure, neglect or refusal of any owner or agent so notified to properly dispose of the litter within five days after notice has been given as hereinbefore provided, the Director of Public Works is hereby authorized and empowered to pay for the disposal of such litter out of city funds or to order its disposal by city forces. Neither the city, members of the Council, Director of Public Works, nor any officers, employees or agents of the city shall be personally liable for any bodily injuries or property damage arising under any contract made or work performed pursuant to the provisions of this section. The Director of Public Works and his authorized representatives, including any contractor with whom he contracts hereunder, and assistants, employees, or agents for such contractor, are hereby authorized to enter upon the property for the purpose of disposing of the litter described in the notice. Before the Director of Public Works arrives, any property owner may dispose of the litter at his own expense.
('86 Code, § 6.20.130) (Ord. 3014, passed  - - ; Am. Ord. 3695, passed  - - )