§ 5.44.040  DANCE PERMIT FEES.
   (A)   Charitable organizations.  No fee shall be required for a permit for an occasional dance when the applicant is a bona fide nonprofit, charitable, religious, educational, fraternal, civic or service organization or club, nor when any such organization rents its own premises and uses the rental revenue derived therefrom exclusively for the charitable or public purposes of such organization.
   (B)   Occasional dance fee.  Except as provided in division (A) above, the fee for each permit for an occasional dance shall be in an amount established by City Council resolution. No part of such fee shall be refundable if such permit is denied.
   (C)   Dance hall fees.
      (1)   Application fee.  Except as expressly waived in § 5.44.044 of this chapter all applications for a permit for a public dance or public dance hall, when such activity is authorized under the provisions of this chapter, shall be accompanied by a non-refundable fee in an amount established by City Council resolution to partially defray the expense to the city of conducting the investigation required by this chapter.
      (2)   Annual permit fee.
         (a)   The annual fee for such a permit shall be in an amount established by City Council resolution.
         (b)   In determining the amount of such annual permit, the City Council hereby finds that the conducting of a public dance or dance hall will cause and require greatly increased police surveillance and supervision and will thereby result in greatly increased costs of surveillance and law enforcement to the city.
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