(A)   Each license and each renewal license issued pursuant to this chapter shall expire on December 31 next following the date of its issuance.
   (B)   Each such license may be renewed by making application for renewal and paying the license fee within the time specified for the renewal of business licenses in Chapter 5.04 of this title.
   (C)   Each application for a renewal of a class 1 show license shall be considered as a new application, except that no application fee as required in § 5.40.160 of this chapter shall be charged where there has been no revocation of such license or change of ownership or in personnel of a corporation or partnership applicant, and each such application may be denied upon any ground which would have justified a denial of the original license.
   (D)   Licenses issued pursuant to this chapter shall not be assigned or transferred, nor shall they be used by any person other than the person to whom they were issued.
('86 Code, § 5.40.220) (Ord. 2625, passed  - - ; Am. Ord. 3677, passed  - - )