§ 5.38.020  PERMIT REQUIRED.
   (A)   No person shall keep, maintain or possess in his or her place of business one or more games of skill and science or allow the operation, maintenance, conduct or carrying on of any game of skill and science without having first obtained a permit therefor as herein provided.
   (B)   If the applicant desires a permit for the purpose of operating, maintaining or conducting games of skill and science as a business in an appropriate commercial zone and not as an accessory use to the main use of the premises for an established business, no permit shall be issued pursuant to this chapter until the applicant has been issued a conditional use permit for an amusement center pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 23.90 of this code. A use shall not be deemed to be accessory to the operation of an established business within the meaning of this section if the applicant seeks a permit for more than four games of skill and science.
('86 Code, § 5.38.020) (Ord. 3637, passed  - - )  Penalty, see § 5.38.060