(A)   Any person holding a valid certificate under § 5.29.050 of this code may authorize any number of individual persons to conduct and carry on the solicitation under such certificate; however, the Committee may in its discretion limit the number of individuals who may be so authorized.
   (B)   Such persons shall furnish credentials to their agents and solicitors. Such credentials shall conform to the requirements specified for credentials in § 5.28.100 of this code, and a copy of such credentials shall be filed with the Committee at the time of the filing of the application for a certificate.
   (C)   No person shall solicit for any religious cause without having such credentials in his possession and/or a facsimile copy of the religious solicitation certificate under which the solicitation is being conducted, and such person shall present such credentials and facsimile copy of the certificate to all persons solicited and, upon request, to any police officer of the city.
('86 Code, § 5.29.060) (Ord. 3673, passed  - - )  Penalty, see § 5.29.140