The Director of Finance shall consider the application and the Director of Public Safety's report and recommendation at a hearing held not less than seven nor more than 14 days following receipt of the Director of Public Safety's report described in § 5.14.070. Notice of the time and place of the hearing and a copy of the Director of Public Safety's report shall be given to the applicant personally or by certified mail by the Director of Finance at least five days prior to the hearing. Any interested party shall be heard at the hearing. The city shall have the burden of proof to show why the permit should be denied. The decision of the Director to approve, deny or conditionally approve the permit shall be in writing, and if adverse to the applicant, shall contain findings of fact and a determination of the issues presented. Unless the applicant agrees in writing to an extension of time, the Director of Finance shall make his or her decision approving, denying, or conditionally approving the permit within 24 hours after completion of the hearing on the application for a permit and shall notify the applicant of his or her action by personal service or certified mail.
('86 Code, § 5.14.080) (Ord. 4001, passed  - - )