(A)   The City Treasurer shall have the power to revoke at any time any permit granted in accordance with this chapter whenever any such sale or special sale is being conducted in violation of any of the provisions of this chapter or in such manner as to deceive or defraud the public, or if;
      (1)   The holder of any such permit has made any material misstatement in the application for such permit;
      (2)   He has been guilty of any fraudulent practice, or practices, in the conduct of the sale authorized by such permit;
      (3)   He or she has failed to include in the inventory required by the provisions of this chapter the goods, wares or merchandise required to be contained in such inventory;
      (4)   He or she has added, caused to be added, or permitted to be added any goods, wares or merchan-dise not described in the original inventory;
      (5)   He or she has violated any of the provisions of this chapter or of the laws pertaining to advertising.
   (B)   No permit shall be revoked for any cause above enumerated until a written complaint has first been filed with the City Treasurer setting forth in ordinary, concise language the charge made against the permit fee. Such complaint shall be verified by the oath of the person making the charge, such verifi-cation to be in the form prescribed by the code of civil procedure for verified pleadings in civil actions. Service of such complaint and notice of hearings shall be done by depositing the same in the United States Mail, addressed to the applicant at his or her address given in the application. Such notice and copy of the complaint shall be served or given to the permittee at least five and not more than ten days prior to the date set for the hearing. At any such hearing the permittee shall be given an opportunity to be heard and defend himself or herself, and he or she may call witnesses in his or her behalf. After conducting such hearing, the City Treasurer may suspend or revoke the permit. If the violations which form the basis of such complaint continue after notification to the permittee, the City Treasurer may suspend the permit until the hearing to consider the revocation of the permit. Such suspension shall be effective immediately upon giving notice thereof to the person in charge at the location of the sale. During such suspension, no person shall conduct any sale of the type herein defined.
('86 Code, § 5.12.060) (Ord. 2818, passed  - - )