§ 5.12.010  DEFINITIONS.
   For the purpose of this chapter, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   ADVERTISE, ADVERTISEMENT, ADVER-TISING, PUBLISH, PUBLICATION.  Any and all means, whether oral, written, lettered or printed, used for conveying to the public notice of the conduct of a sale as defined herein, or notice of intention to conduct such sale, including but not limited to oral or written announcements by proclamation or outcry, newspaper advertisement, magazine advertisement, handbill, written or printed notice, printed display, billboard display, poster and radio announcement.
   PERMIT.  A permit issued pursuant to this chapter.
   PERMITTEE.  Any person to whom a permit has been issued pursuant to this chapter.
   SALE.  Any sale of or any offer to sell, to the public, or any group thereof, goods, wares or merchandise on order, in transit or in stock, in connection with a declared purpose as set forth by advertising that such sale is anticipatory to or to avoid the termination, liquidation, revision, windup, discontinuance, removal, dissolution or abandonment of the business or that portion of the business conducted at any location; and
      All SALES advertised in any manner calculated to convey to the public the belief that upon the disposal of the goods to be placed on sale, the business or that portion thereof being conducted at any location will cease, be removed, be interrupted, discontinued or changed; and
      All SALES advertised to be “adjuster's sale,” “adjustment sale,” “assignee's sale,” “bankrupt sale,” “benefit administrator's sale,” “benefit of creditors' sale,” “benefit of trustees' sale,” “building coming down sale,” “closing sale,” “closing out sale,” “creditors' committee sale,” “creditors sale,” “damaged goods sale,” “end sale,” “executors' sale,” “final days sale,” “fire sale,” “forced out sale,” “forced out of business sale,” “insolvent sale,” “insurance salvage sale,” “last days sale,” “lease expire sale,” “lease expiring sale,” “loss of lease sale,” “mortgage sale,” “outselling sale,” “receiver's sale,” “removal sale,” “reorganization sale,” “salvage sale,” “selling out sale,” “smoke sale,” “smoke and water sale,” “trustee's sale,” “quitting business sale,” “wholesale closing out sale,” “we quit sale,” “we give up sale,” “fixtures for sale,” or advertised by any other expression or characterization closely similar to any of the foregoing and calculated to convey the same meaning; and
      All SALES advertised in a manner calcu-lated to indicate that the goods, wares or merchandise to be sold, or any part thereof, have been involved in any business failure or have been derived from a business which has failed, been closed, discontinued or liquidated; and
      All SALES accompanied by notice or advertising indicating that the premises are available for purchase or lease or are otherwise to be vacated; and
      All SALES accompanied by advertising indicating a business emergency or failure affecting the seller or any previous holder of the goods to be disposed of.
   TREASURER.  The City Treasurer.
('86 Code, § 5.12.010) (Ord. 2818, passed  - - )