§ 3.50.235  ANNUAL HEARING.
   (A)   At the time and place set for the annual hearing, any person who owns a lot upon which an assessment is proposed to be made shall have the opportunity to present an objection, and written and/or oral evidence in support of such objection.
   (B)   The City Council shall consider the assessment diagram and assessment roll as submitted, each and every objection and all relevant evidence presented, and based thereon, shall determine whether the assessment as proposed, as to each individual lot, is fair and reasonable in light of the formula selected for the spread of the assessment. Upon the conclusion of the hearing, the City Council shall direct such modifications as are appropriate to the assessment diagram and/or assessment roll as submitted.
   (C)   Thereafter, the assessment diagram and assessment roll shall be approved by resolution of the City Council which shall specifically refer to any modification made with respect to the assessment diagram.
   (D)   The City Council may direct that any annual hearing be conducted by a hearing officer. In such case the hearing officer shall conduct the hearing as directed, and prepare a written report to the Council as to the evidence presented and his recommendation for approval and/or modification of the assessment diagram and assessment roll. The Council shall approve or modify the hearing officer's report, and approve, or approve as modify the assessment diagram and assessment roll based upon the hearing officer's report and his administrative record.
('86 Code, § 3.50.235) (Ord. 3997, passed  - - )