The resolution of intention shall contain the following information, with reference to the proposed district:
   (A)   The name of the district;
   (B)   The boundaries of the district;
   (C)   A map depicting the boundaries of the district and the location of improvement(s) therein or adjacent thereto;
   (D)   The estimated cost of the construction of the improvement(s);
   (E)   The estimated total assessment proposed;
   (F)   The amount of such assessment proposed to be made upon each of the lots included within the district;
   (G)   The amount and nature, if any, of any contribution proposed to be made to the district by the city;
   (H)   The time and the place set for the formation hearing with respect to such district;
   (I)   A statement that the City Council intends to consider the formation of a district as therein described;
   (J)   Such other material as may be helpful to advise persons interested in such assessment district as to the nature and extent of the same.
('86 Code, § 3.50.120) (Ord. 3997, passed  - - )