§ 3.42.030  DEFINITIONS.
   For the purpose of this chapter, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   BONDS.  Any bonds, notes, certificates, debentures or other obligations issued by the city pursuant to this chapter.
   CITY.  The city of Alhambra.
   COST.  The total of all costs incurred by or on behalf of a participating health institution necessary or incident to acquisition, construction, rehabilitation or improvement of a health facility or the refunding or refinancing of obligations incurred to finance such acquisition, construction, rehabilitation or improve-ment. COST shall include working capital and all such costs which under generally accepted accounting principles are properly chargeable to a capital account (whether or not actually so charged), including, without limitation, the cost of all lands, structures, real or personal property, franchises, rights and interests acquired or used in connection with a health facility, the cost of demolishing or removing any structures (including the cost of acquiring any lands to which such structures may be moved), the cost of engineering, architectural, financial and legal services, plans, specifications, studies, surveys, estimates, administration expenses or other expenses necessary or incident to determining the feasibility of or to acquiring, constructing, rehabilitating, improving or financing a health facility, including all costs of issuance of bonds for such purposes, reserves for debt service and for repairs, replacements, additions and improvements, and capitalized bond interest for such period as the city may determine.
   COUNCIL.  The City Council of the city of Alhambra.
   HEALTH FACILITY.  Any facility or place or building which is maintained and operated for the diagnosis, care, prevention and treatment of human illness, physical or mental, including convalescence, rehabilitation and care during and after pregnancy, or for any one or more of these services, and which provides and will continue providing to residents of the city essential health care services designated as such in an agreement between the city and the participating health institution providing or operating such facility, place or building. HEALTH FACILITY also means any life care facility which has been granted a certificate of authority under Cal. Health & Safety Code §§ 1770 et seq. (Chapter 1 of Division 2) or successor provisions of law and which is licensed pursuant to either or both of Cal. Health & Safety Code §§ 1250 et seq. (Chapter 2 of Division 2) or Cal. Health & Safety Code §§ 1500 et seq. (Chapter 3 of Division 2) or successor provisions of law, and which provides its residents with nursing services, medical services, health-related services, board and lodging and care as necessary, or any combination of such services, for a term in excess of one year, or for life, pursuant to a life care contract.
      (1)    HEALTH FACILITY includes a portion of one of the above types of facilities and includes the following facilities if operated in conjunction with one of the above types of facilities: a laboratory, a laundry, a nurses' or interns' residence, a housing facility for patients, staff or employees and the families of any of them, an administration building, a research maintenance, storage, utility or parking facility and all real and personal property, land, buildings, structures, facilities, equipment fixtures and furnishings related to any of the foregoing or required or useful for the operation of a health facility.
      (2)    HEALTH FACILITY shall not include any facility, place or building used or to be used primarily for sectarian instruction or study or as a place for devotional activities or religious worship.
   PARTICIPATING HEALTH INSTITUTION. A private corporation or association authorized by the laws of the state to provide or operate a health facility as defined in this chapter and which, pursuant to the provisions of this chapter, undertakes the financing of the acquisition, construction, rehabilitation or improvement of a health facility or undertakes the refunding or refinancing of obligations incurred to finance such acquisition, construction, rehabilitation or improvement.
   REVENUES.  Amounts received by the city as repayment of principal, interest, and all other charges with respect to a loan, lease, sublease or sale agreement under this chapter, any proceeds received by the city from mortgage, hazard or other insurance on or with respect to rents, charges, fees, income and receipts derived by the city from the financing of a health facility under this chapter, any amounts received by the city as investment earnings on moneys deposited in any fund or account securing bonds, and such other moneys as the Council may, in its discretion, lawfully designate as revenues.
('86 Code, § 3.42.030) (Ord. 3982, passed  - - )