A contract for consulting services valued over $50,000 must be entered into by use of competitive, sealed proposals. Proposals for the contract shall be solicited through a request for proposals.
   (A)   Public notice. Public notice of the request for proposals shall be given in the same manner as provided in § 3.36.110(A).
   (B)   Receipt of proposals and release as public records.
      (1)   Proposals shall be received and opened in a method that avoids disclosure of contents to competing consultants until after award of the contract or final rejection of all proposals.
      (2)   The request for proposals must state that, after award of the contract or final rejection of all proposals, all responses become public records subject to disclosure.
      (3)   A copy of each proposal received shall be retained by the City Clerk, as required by the city’s document retention policies, and shall be open for public inspection after award of the contract or final rejection of all proposals.
   (C)   Evaluation factors. The request for proposals shall state the relative importance of evaluation factors, including price.
   (D)   Evaluation of proposals.
      (1)   After the due date for proposals, the City Manager, or his or her designee, shall evaluate the proposals and may contact any proposing consultant for clarification of a proposal, to solicit additional information, or for purposes of interviewing.
      (2)   The City Manager, or his or her designee, may choose to contact all, some or none of the responding consultants after the proposals are submitted to the city.
   (E)   Award.
      (1)   The contract shall be awarded to the responsible consultant whose proposal conforms to the request for proposals and is determined to be the most advantageous to the city, talcing into consideration price and the evaluation factors set forth in the request for proposals.
      (2)   The City Manager shall prepare and place in the contract file maintained by the City Clerk’s office a written report, detailing the basis on which the recommendation for award of contract is made.
      (3)   For contracts entered into pursuant to this section, the City Manager shall submit a report of the proposals to the City Council, with a recommendation concerning acceptance or rejection thereof, and the City Council shall approve or disapprove the recommendation and award the contract.
(Ord. 4517, passed 2-25-08; Am. Ord. 4745, passed 10-22-18)